Easy vegan appetizer SUSHI ROLLS

(Cholesterol Free!)

Sushi roll Ingredients

Cooked rice, still warm.

Flat seaweed sheets

Wasabe or

dry mustard powder

Soy sauce

Optional ingredients:

Rice wine vinegar

black sesame seeds

Chives, chopped

Partially cooked carrot sticks

Cucumbers, cut in thin sticks

Firm Tofu cut in long sticks

Red Bell peppers
cut in long sticks


Serve with chop sticks, more Wasabe and soy sauce.

Sushi roll directions

Lay out a piece of seaweed.

Top with about 1/3 c warm rice at one end.

Sprinkle rice with a little soy sauce (optional)

Roll up tightly, like jelly roll.

Seal edge with just a touch of Wasabe paste.

Slice with a sharp serrated knife.

Optional ingredients:

Add a stick of carrot, tofu, cucumber, red pepper, or whatever to the rice, and roll up tightly, and seal. Slice as before.

Optional: Sprinkle tops with a little sesame seed and/or chives. (can also mix some into the rice before rolling)


You can either lay out all the ingredients and have your guests roll them or you can prepare them and slice them in 1 inch pieces.

If you aren't familiar with Wasabe it is HOT! It comes in a tube for easy use, or in dry powder. (Watch ingredients though... I have seen some Wasabe paste made with Lactose!)

If you can't find vegan Wasabe, just use regular dry mustard powder, and add enough water to form a paste.... It is very hot too!

Just a small dab will seal the roll.


Seaweed is found usually in the oriental sections of super markets. They come in flat packs, about the size of a piece of paper.

Be sure and put extra Wasabe or mustard paste on the table for people to use at their own risk.

It turns into a fun part of the gathering just watching people put too much Wasabe on their sushi roll!

I make these all the time for a quick lunch for myself...

For more Traditional sushi roll: Sprinkle rice with a little rice wine vinegar and mix well. A couple teaspoons per cup of rice is suffice.


Cholesterol free, animal free, cruelty free vegetarian vegan cooking