Vegan Food decorating and garnishes

VEGAN Food decorating and garnishes

People EAT WITH THEIR EYES is very true!

fancy bruschetta plate pretty pizza toppings

One can turn a plate of food into an art piece, and is often a big portion of what one pays for in an expensive restaurant

If you are cooking for others, whether your family or having a big party, it is really important to make the food look appetizing.

Below are some simple ideas for taking almost any plate of food and making it better.

Food Decorating ideas, garnishes, food art...


Sprig of parsley picture

Just a sprig of parsley makes a big difference, or a shake of paprika... Little spots of color...

shredded green onion

  • Carrot curls
  • Carrot Shreds
  • apple rings
  • Chives/onions, keep long or dice small
  • Edible Flowers
  • Herbs, leaves or finely chopped
  • Lemon rings, lemon peel, lemon wedge...
  • Oranges... rings, peel, wedge...
  • Olives, sliced green or black olives, or whole.
  • Orange ring with a black olive in the center...
  • Paprika... Just a sprinkle on something plain, like cauliflower, or a white soup..., now add a small sprig of parsley... beautiful!
  • Parsley. one sprig works magic. Or chop very fine and sprinkle over the plate
  • Peas
  • Pimento
  • Pepper
  • Tomato
carrot curls lemon mint tomato and parsley

You Want the garnish to compliment the meal though, and not make people wonder why it is there... and make sure it is ALL EDIBLE, (a flower) or very obvious if it is not! (a toothpick) Try to take your garnish from the ingredients in your meal... What flavors are in the dish, what herbs?

Simple sauces and infused oil

soup decorating picture

Dribble a few drops of olive oil around the plate or reduce a sauce to a thick syrup and spoon onto the plate, or drizzle on a soup, etc...

Colorful sauces and infused oils are easy to make and can turn your plate into art!

Infuse oil or soycream with herbs and flavors

Get creative

Put an infused oil or colored cream in a squeeze bottle and play!

A good way to get kids to help in the kitchen, and eat more vegis too!

Decorating Food: MORE info

plated pasta and garnish picture

Chocolate dessert decorating picture

Did you create something beautiful with garnishes? Send me a copy and I might publish it here!

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mushroom lasagne plated nicely

smoothie garnish

dinner designed in a small wok

carrot and fennel food art

vegan sushi arranged on a plate

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