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13 year olds video on pork

Palm oil and sustainability
Grist Magazine April 26, 2014

Chicken Factories in China
Mother Jones Magazine April 7, 2014

Farmers love their animals to death
The American Scholar Spring 2014

Climate Change
The Guardian (London) March 18, 2014

U.N. calls for radical change in food system
Mint Press News March 11, 2014

Alternative Farming: The Humane Hoax March 6, 2014

Industrial Grains
One Green Planet February 26, 2014

Clams and Climate
Slate Magazine February 18, 2014

News on Sugar
New Scientist January 30, 2014

Do you use Roundup Insecticide?
Slate Magazine January 30, 2014

U.N. says cut back on meat...
Grist January 27, 2014

Behind Chicken Wings
Salon Magazine January 26, 2014

Pig Pet changes owner to Vegan
Mother Nature News January 18, 2014

Animals and Dignity
The NYT January 13, 2014

Meat Diets Kill wolves
The Christian Science Monitor January 11, 2014

Endangered species and Plato
Justia January 8, 2014

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A Pig Farmer on Ethics..
StoneyBrook Farm


Doctors urged to take climate leadership role
The Guardian (London) April 6, 2011

UNESCO: From farm to fridge - truth about livestock
The Korea Herald (Seoul) April 4, 2011

The last stand of the Amazon
 The Observer (London) April 3, 2011

What's behind rising food prices March 28, 2011

Canada's Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans Suppressing Scientific Evidence Again
The Globe and Mail (Toronto) March 28, 2011

The Collapse of Globalization
By Chris Hedges Posted on Mar 27, 2011

David Suzuki on the prospects for humanity and the others we share this planet with
Common Ground Magazine (Vancouver) March 2011

Does your family eat animals?
The Harrison Patch (Harrison, NY) March 26, 2011

Worse than we thought: Oceans are now a plastic soup
The New Scientist March 25, 2011

How we engineered the Food crisis
The Guardian (London) March 21, 2011

Feedlot Meat Has Spurred a Soy Boom That Has a Devastating Environmental and Human Cost
Alternet March 18, 2011

Sea level's rise and rise is down to melting ice sheets
The New Scientist March 11, 2011

Cheap Meat comes at a very high price!
The New Statesman (London) March 9, 2011

Arctic Plankton: Blooming up to 50 days earlier now!
The Washington Post March 6, 2011

Gluttony dressed up as foodie-ism is still gluttony.
The Atlantic March 2011

Politicians who reject science are not fit to lead
The Georgia Straight (Vancouver) March 3, 2011

The Clean Air Act: Incredible benefits
Grist Magazine 2011-03-02

Evolution races to keep up with climate change.
The New Scientist March 2, 2011

China issues warning on climate
The New York Times March 1, 2011

Can a group of scientists end the war on climate change?
The Guardian (London) February 28, 2011

Biology Nobelist: Natural selection will destroy us
The New Scientist February 28, 2011

Flies and cockroaches carry antibiotic-resistant bacteria from factory farms, study finds
Grist Magazine February 25, 2011

NASA: World of Change - Global Temperatures
NASA February 24, 2011

The Natural Debt Crisis: Learning to Live Within Our Planet's Means
Time Magazine February 22, 2011

Eating less meat could cut climate costs
The New Scientist February 10, 2009

The Food Bubble is about to burst.
The New Scientist February 10, 2011

Sheep among sharpest minds in the farmyard.
The New Scientist February 9, 2011

Severe Food shortages Brewing
The New York Times February 7, 2011

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Little sweetness to be found in sugar's sordid history

The Toronto Star March 2, 2008

The Hidden Link Between Factory Farms and Human Illness
Mother Earth News February/March 2009

 The cruel truth about organic and free-range meat and dairy products

The Georgia Straight (Vancouver) February 26, 2009

Factory Farms are a Danger to Us All
A growing health threat, ignored

By John Carlin

 Survive by turning back the hands of time?

The Intelligencer (Belleville, ON) February 18, 2009

Eating less meat could cut climate costs
The New Scientist February 10, 2009

Researchers: Even "Organically Raised" Cows Are a "Climate Bomb"
by Stephanie Ernst
Published February 25, 2009

Transgenes found in wild corn
The New Scientist February 21, 2009
Honeybees under attack on all fronts
The New Scientist February 16, 2009

The tropics on fire: scientist's grim vision of global warming
The Guardian (London) February 16, 2009

Should we limit family size to save the Earth?
The Toronto Star February 7, 2009

Your shirt off their backs - the story behind most cotton clothing
The Toronto Star February 2, 2009

How to control a herd of humans
The New Scientist February 5, 2009

A Christian call for mercy for farm animals 2009

Orange production leaves hefty carbon footprint
The Weekly Times (Adelaide, Australia) February 13, 2009

Animals as Motor Oil
The New York Times February 11, 2009

A guide to surviving - and thriving in -
Philadelphia's new green future

The City Paper (Philadelphia) January 28, 2009

US prepares to block influx of GE food

The New Scientist January 25, 2009

Meat just doesn't cut it in today's environment
The Georgia Straight (Vancouver) January 21, 2009

Research Ties Human Acts to Harmful Rates of Species Evolution
The New York Times January 13, 2009

The Chi of Chickens
Common Ground Magazine (Vancouver) January 2009

Higher Temperatures Seen Reducing Global Harvests

Science 323: 193 January 9, 2009

Farm law underwrites nauseous, large-scale pollution. Tax the shit!
The Buffalo News (Buffalo, NY) January 5, 2009

Will we stop climate catastrophe or play political games to our doom?
Foreign Policy January 5, 2009

Foie gras is a cruel dish better left unserved
The Georgia Straight (Vancouver) January 14, 2009

A Deeper Ecology of Trails

By Dennis Hall

Bottled Water a crime...
The New Statesman (London)   2003


To minimize harm from marijuana, legalize it for recreational use
The New Scientist December 30, 2008


Food Choices Affect Global Warming
LIVE EARTH July 2007

Eating endangered species
George Monbiot May 2007

Food Safety
Paul Krugman May 2007

Meats inconvenient truth
Paul Watson April 2007

Meat and Famine 2002!
George Monbiot

An inconvenient vegi truth....

March 2007

High Protein animal based Diet
Linked to cancer

Jan 2007

Cows, pigs, sheep, Environments greatest threat!
Dec. 2006

Bacon and Chicken linked to Bladder Cancer
Dec. 2006

Dairy intake linked to Testicular Cancer

Red Meat increases breast cancer risk

Calcium does NOT help weight loss
Oct 2006

Vegetables are good for the brain
Oct. 2006

Walnuts increase artery flexibility
Oct. 2006

Chocolate industry abuse

Putting the chicken before the egg
Aug. 2006

Global Warming
Facts too important to ignore..
July 2006

Vegan Diet reverses Type 2 Diabetes
July 2006

Eating the Amazon
Destroying the earth so rich man can eat meat

July 2006

Canadas Indecent Eggsposure
June 2006

Fruit and vegetable consumption offers protection against osteoporosis
June 2006

Pesticide exposure raises risk of Parkinson's
June 2006

Chew the right thing, and interview with Peter Singer
May 3, 2006

Junk food and crime related...
May 2 2006

Once again,
Vegan diets proven healthier for planet and people
April 13, 2006

Fast Food loaded with the worst kind of fats!
April12, 2006

The animal Self ...Animals and personalities
January 22, 2006

Which came first, Cruelty or the egg?

An Ethical Diet: The joy of Being Vegan! March 2006

Gorton’s McWhale burger.

Food Labeling gets better! Jan 2006

Reduce strokes and heart attacks Jan 2006

CARS not biggest factor in global warming

Eating Animals is! Sept 2005

Vegan Diet spurs weight loss Sept 2005

The Future of Food Sept 2005

Who owns what in organic foods 2005

The Institute of Physics says "Cut global warming

by becoming vegetarian" 2005

DAIRY or BEEF, Which is WORSE ? Aug 2005

Milk's role in ovarian cancer August 2005

Obesity Rates Up in Most States August 2005

 Dairy products DO NOT encourage weight loss! 2005

Chickens think about the Future. July 2005

Sea Life in Peril -- plankton vanishing July 2005

Milk-Drinking Associated with Insulin Resistance
and the Metabolic Syndrome 2005

Tuna, swordfish, marlin on their way out... July 2005

Fear Factories The case for compassionate
conservatism-for animals July 2005

Meat Raises Colon Cancer Risk 2005

Hot Dogs Raise Risk of Pancreatic Cancer April 2005

Why Our Food is So Dependent on Oil April 2005

Lessons from my pig Winnie March 2005

Vegetarian Diets Lower Blood Pressure Jan 2005


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