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Vegan cooking tips and information

Vegan Cooking Tips, hints, and information to help make recipes even better.

Even though recipes don't say VEGAN before every ingredient, it is, of course, assumed as such...
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When cooking Use ONLY soy milk with just water and soybeans on the label any other added ingredients can alter the flavor.

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Never use a whipped, tub margarine in place of stick margarine or shortening in baking! Tubs are mostly air and water and will alter most recipes!

  • I highly recommend using frontier brand, beefy broth powder. It is very mild and won't over power any recipe. (Unless you have tried others and know what you prefer...)
  • If you don't have a broth powder, you can use a little garlic powder,onion powder, and a little salt.
  • As in all cooking, one should alter recipes for personal tastes and things such as sodium levels...
  • Use the freshest ingredients and spices.
  • It is assumed here that anyone reading these will know the basics of cooking... how to thicken a soup, how to knead bread, etc...
  • Test for doneness! (cooking times vary!)
  • For more information on using vegan substitutions and ingredients, visit the substitutions page...
  • Make it look good! Turn it into an art piece! Visit the Decorating pages for more on that
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It is important to note that recipes here are based on American measurements

t = teaspoon = 5 ml

T = Tablespoon = 15 ml...

C = cup = 8 fl oz = 250 ml

Pint = 2 Cups = 16oz

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  • Get rid of your pepper shaker, and put a pepper grinder on your table! Makes all the difference in the world!
  • A quick fix to add flavor to something, whether a casserole, a vegetable, or ??? Sprinkle with vegetable broth powder. (I prefer Frontier Brand)
  • If you aren't familiar with Nutritional yeast... become! It is another great flavor enhancer you can add to many foods!
  • When a recipe calls for green pepper, or "bell pepper" try using a red bell pepper (yellow, or orange ) instead. Their flavor is much better to most people ( although usually more expensive!)
  • Find local farmers markets in your area and support them!
  • Try growing a few pots of herbs like basil, thyme, chives... A little snip added to the top of your plate adds color and lots of flavor.
  • Use Olive oil or Canola oil for frying or baking when you can.
  • Look for old fashioned cast iron frying pans and use it all the time! Besides being naturally non stick once it is seasoned, it actually will add iron to your food!
  • Buy a thermometer for testing water temperature when proofing yeast in baking. 110 - 115 degrees, you'll never wonder...
  • Add wine at end of cooking for best flavor and Don't Boil wine in foods, simmer gently.
  • Acids and vinegars will hurt metals such as copper, zinc, aluminum, iron, so use glass if possible.
  • Add soy flour with oils.
  • For stringier cheesy like... use tapioca in place of cornstarch or flour and cook it longer...
  • Roast and crushpoppy seeds for more intense flavor.
  • Toast all nuts and seeds, and nutritional yeast before using to increase flavor
  • Before Baking Sweet breads, brush with oil and sprinkle with sugar.
  • Brush with fruit juice for more flavor too.
  • To harden and gloss breads, brush with cornstarch and water several times.
  • Add garlic to a sauté when the onions are almost done... garlic cooks a lot quicker and will become bitter if overcooked...
  • Use a potato masher to crumble tofu.
  • Rinse pasta in cold water right away if you won't be coating it with sauce right away, to prevent sticking. Reheat quickly by dunking in boiling water for a minute.
  • When using rolled oats in place of quick oats in cooking, add a little more liquid and sit for 20 minutes longer before baking.
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