VEGAN TIPS for healthy living everyone can use!

VEGAN TIPS for Healthy Living

Number one, best for everyone, is eat a wide variety of fruits, vegetable, nuts, seeds, grains, beans...

Try to avoid refined products, and processed foods: white bread, sugar, packaged foods with tons of ingredients... Even if they are vegan they are not generally good for your health. It's ok if you splerge once in awhile, but try to eat as healthy as possible all the time.

Choose whole fruits and vegis over juices made from the same... Whole Fruits and Vegetables have fiber and other important things that juicing removes...

Also, fruit juice is mostly sugar (fructose) and should not be consumed in large quantities

Be open to try new things. If you don't like one brand or item, try another.. There are SO many options out there, it is just a matter of finding the best ones for you.

Start reading labels. Learn the names of non vegan ingredients that often find there way into packages, like whey and lactose.

If you fall off, dont be too hard on yourself. You are only human, and humans are, well, far from perfect...

Be proud with what you are trying, and know that you are doing something very good, very important, and are working at becoming a much better person than the majority of humans out there

We all make choices every day. We should TRY to make the most ethical choice possible, with what we are given.

Try to choose foods from local companies or ones that are actually all vegetarian, or trying to make a difference in the world.

If you absolutely have to eat eggs or dairy products, for example, if your parents just dont get it and force you to eat these, try to purchase ones from local farms, or from health food stores, you know are truly raised as ethically as possible. "Free Range" and "Cage free" are very much mislabled. There can still be thousands of birds stuffed in a tiny room, debeeked, males trashed, etc..

This is a good website on what is free range...

Most people live with their heads in the sand. They dont educate themselves, yet they believe old wives tales and misguided ads on tv, mostly what they were taught by their parents, who were taught by their parents...

The best way to get others to see the truth about being vegan is to educate them. Ask why exactly they feel the need for you to eat that, then go and copy news articles, and medical tests by unbiased researchers ... Show them with facts, the Vegan diets are the healthiest, and how cruel the meat and dairy industry really is.

And remember to drink lots of water and exercise, and be happy!

Come back soon. There is more to add ...

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